Coral Castle

Amongst one of Miami’s most obscure historical landmarks you’ll find the Coral Castle, a creation crafted over 25 years by a single man. Located on South Dixie Highway, the Coral Castle is the brainchild of one Ed Leedskalnin.

Back in the 1923, Ed Leedskalnin took to carving by hand (or at least people think) sculptures out of coral rock. The reason people can’t be sure whether he did this by hand with crude tools or with a more modern approach is that no one ever actually saw him do the carving. To this day people are unsure of the methods that he used to turn this coral rock into such a fortress and walkable garden that is now the Coral Castle.

By the time Ed was done with his work it was 1951 and he had carved over 1100 pieces. What prompted Ed to use his time on such a hobby? No one quite knows but nowadays you can walk around the various sculptures, sit in rocking chairs that are completely made out of stone, look through a Polaris telescope or even push a 9 ton gate (all made of coral) with a single push of a finger.

The Coral Castle Museum is open every single day and you can take advantage of self-guided or guided tours at various prices. The sheer scale of the Coral Castle is sure to wonder and the fact that a single man (all five feet tall and one hundred pounds of him) could do it himself makes many believe that Ed had superpowers. Pair that with the fact that no one ever saw him work and it’s impossible to rule out.

A mystery it may be but it is truly one of the most unique destinations you’ll find in South Florida.